How To: Hold a Successful Market Stall

A few months ago my girlfriends and I decided we wanted to hold a market stall at one of Sydney’s best known market locations, Glebe Markets. Last weekend the five us some how managed to run a quite successful market stall, so I thought I’d pass on some tips to enhance your experience.


STEP 1: Gather your friends

I suggest gathering a group of 3-5 friends who also have a shit load of clothes to sell. The standard price for a store is around $100 so the more people you have the cheaper it is for you and your friends. I highly recommend not having anymore than 5 people in your store, as I felt that our store was a little crowded and turned customers away since no one wants to look through a crowded store.

Step 2: Book your Stall

When booking your store it’s best to give yourself a few weeks preperation time. In order to maximise your store’s success it’s best to put some research into the location of your store. Try find out what type of stores (e.g food, vintage, jewellery) are located throughout the markets, which area attracts the biggest crowds, and what space best suits what you’re selling. This will all help maximise your store’s success, it’s all about location!

Step 3: Organise your Clothes

For this step you’ll definitely be needing the help of your friends, many garbage bags, and possibly even a bottle of wine. It was a little overwhelming going through my wardrobe, I was struggling to part ways with my clothes that I haven’t touched in years. This is why I recruited the help of two of my closest friends, they was the harsh face of reality I so desperately needed. Sometimes it’s hard parting ways with that vintage Suprè from 2006, but you know deep down you just have to do it.

Step 4: Organise Yourself

Now that you’ve organised your store and your clothing, it’s time to get your shit together. I suggest you make a big fat list of everything you need/ everything you need to do, for example; make sure you have change, price your clothing, create clothing bins, find a fashionable fanny pack to rock, etc. I can guarantee that making a list will minimise the risk of you forgetting important things, and will help you stay as organised as you can possibly be. Whilst organising yourself, it is also important to organise your fellow store holders. Make sure to discuss amongst yourselves, who’s brining tables, chairs, and most importantly who’s brining a gazebo.

Step 5: Make that Cash Flow

Now that you’ve done all the prep work, it’s time to make that cash money. To maximise your profit for the day, here are my best tips:

  • Don’t stand in the store, stand to the side- if you all stand in your store it will crowded and ultimately turn away customers
  • Chat to your customer- make sure you make them feel welcome and wanted in your store, compliment them if they try something on, ask them about their day. I can guarantee this will make them more willing to purchase your clothes for the price you want. Kindness goes a long way!
  • Have a good time- talk to the other store owners, play music, talk to your friends. If your store looks like a good place to be, the customers will come to you.

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